R nineT Pure

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The R nine T Pure, is marketed as a blank canvas compared to the other R nine T variants, but that's honestly a disservice to the Pure. For a sticker price of $5,000 less you give up the fancier dash, inverted forks, and a slight downgrade in front brake (although still Brembo units), but you still get the adaptive headlight and it's own model of Akrapovic exhaust. You may never have thought you'd say "BMW" and "bang for your buck" in the same breath, but here we are.

Max Horsepower
Max Torque
Top Speed
Seat Height
Air/oil-cooled two-cylinder, four-stroke boxer engine with two camshafts and four radially arranged valves per cylinder as well as central counterbalance shaft
109 hp @ 7,250 rpm
85.5 lb-ft @ 6,000 rpm
465 lbs
31.7 in



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